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Megan Shung, often described as 'the 21st Century violinist', is an international violinist, composer, recording artist and educator based in Los Angeles. She is adept at non-traditional performance practices and styles including jazz, pop/rock, and experimental music and has performed/recorded with artists including The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jhene Aiko, Billy Childs, Kimbra, George Watsky and Miles Mosley. During the summer, alongside fellow Suzuki cello trainer Avi Friedlander, Megan performs a classical-crossover inspired program as the AM Duo, performing at various Suzuki institutes across the country.

Avi Friedlander, is well known as a Suzuki cello workshop and institute clinician, Mr. Friedlander teaches a variety of methods from classical to jazz and rock. Mr. Friedlander is the director of the Barston Suzuki Center at the Music Institute of Chicago and a Suzuki teacher trainer. Mr. Friedlander has studied improvisation methods with Eugene Friesen from the Berkley College, Stephan Braun from Berlin and Tim Kliphuis from Amsterdam. In addition to his own compositions, Mr. Friedlander writes his own arrangements for solo cello of rock tunes from Jimi Hendrix to Pearl Jam and performs with his partner, Megan Shun, in various Suzuki institutes across the country. 

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