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Upcoming Suzuki Training Courses: Unit 6 online CLICK HERE, Unit 7 Online CLICK HERE and Unit 9/10 Online 

 Online Lessons 

Avi Friedlander is available to teach lessons online in any style of music from classical to rock and jazz.

Avi teaches all levels of classical music from the beginner through the major concertos.  Feel free to ask Avi about how to teach or play anything that you are working on or found here.

Avi also teaches alternative styles that include i
mprovisation from the beginner on up, jazz pizzicato, chops and grooves and rock and roll.

In everything that Avi teaches, he explains in details the process of how to begin and develop each method or style.  If you don't know how to do it, he will teach you how to do it and feel comfortable doing it with ease.

Please contact Mr. Friedlander at in order to discuss availability and rates.  You can also view his teaching calendar here.

Find a full calendar of teacher training events and institutes here

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