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All current training courses are full. Check back for 2024/25 training dates 

Cello Intensive Summer Camp August 5th - 9th  CLICK HERE All spots full-email to be on the waitlist


Suzuki Teacher Trainer and
renown Suzuki workshop
and institute clinician

Teaches Suzuki Pedagogy at
Northwestern University

Teaches String Pedagogy at 
The University of North Florida

Avi Friedlander has worked with countless students and teachers to help them unlock their potential over the past 25 plus years.

Director of the Barston Suzuki Center at The Music 
Institute of Chicago

Avi Friedlander teaches many courses, including his own unique programs in Suzuki methods, advanced technique, alternative styes (Rock n' roll, Jazz Pizzicato, Chop techniques and improvisation) and workouts for musicians.

If you are a teacher who wants to increase your knowledge of concepts that can change your teaching, classes with Avi Friedlander are for you and will help you start playing and teaching the best music of your life.

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AVI LASI 2_edited.jpg

Avi Friedlander has spent countless hours studying the greats and their teaching methods, uncovering the secrets they use to excel at the highest level. He uses this knowledge to create a comprehensive training program for students and teachers. 

Avi Friedlander uses the next generation of teaching and training music by adding his knowledge gained from years of playing and coaching ice hockey along with his information gained from studying sports psychology.

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Transform your playing

Transform your teaching

Unlock your potential 


Contact Avi Friedlander

with questions or to keep up to date on all new courses

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